CHUchǔ míngMING ♪


Brand 121

This is a graduation project for my BA Degree Show.

According to my proposal of this project, 121 is an experimental brand selling products for girls’ private lives. The name is its mission,  targeted at girls whose age is from 12 to 21. The logo was like a clowd that reveals to “dreams” or “thoughts”. All the packaging that I designed were like sweet and ice cream, which are appealing to most of the young girls.

People considered this project was more like Product design rather than Graphic design. I didn’t really think so. Since branding to me is not only focusing on the visual identity in terms of graphics, I prefer to study and design this brand from every aspect.

After all these years, my knowledge of branding is still growing. This design looks a bit immature to me now, but that still reminds me how passionate I was and how much effort that I put in this project. I should push myself to keep up with much better works.