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A New Start 新的开始

Life is an Art

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不知未来如何,希望自己能像变得更坚强和能干,慢慢去实现更多新的愿望 😛

I‘d like to write something today, as it is the day regarded as “the end of the world”.

For me, this year is the most relaxed one, but also the most meaningful one. Because I created a new life! This is very different from my previous creations, since I cannot redo or escape those problems caused by this little creator.

I was so thrilled that I could meet my baby before the “end of the world”. In any case, can it be considered that I would leave this world without regret? But as you know, human beings are always greedy. When you fulfilled a dream, you will produce more desires…

No mater how the future will be, I hope I could be stronger and more capable to achieve my new goal : P

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